JIRA Agile "Invalid License Key Specified"


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When you are trying to update the JIRA Agile license key, you get the error message: Invalid License Key Specified


There are several possibilities that caused this failure:

1) JIRA Agile license does not match with JIRA license
2) JIRA Agile version does not compatible with JIRA version
3) The customer is using JIRA Agile 3.7
4) Updating JIRA License instead of JIRA Agile License
5) Customer is not downloading the JIRA Agile plugin from Atlassian site


Cause #1
Useful documentation: GreenHopper license must match JIRA license

Cause #2
You can check the compatibility version with your JIRA version from the GreenHopper download page

Cause #3
Upgrade your JIRA Agile plugin version at least to 3.8.

Cause #4
Ensure that you had pasted the JIRA Agile license on JIRA Agile license page instead of JIRA license page. If you are using JIRA Agile 4.3.x onwards, you can update the license key via Administration > JIRA Agile > License Details. The following documentation will be useful for reference: Specifying your License Details

Cause #5
You should download the JIRA Agile plugin from Atlassian site. You can check the information of the plugin from Administration > System Info.

Download from Atlassian

JIRA Agile 4.3.1
Plugin by Atlassian

Purchase/Download from Pyxis Technologies

JIRA Agile-3.2-EAP-jira313
Plugin by Pyxis Technologies inc.

The oldest JIRA Agile version that is available for customer to download from Atlassian site is 3.8.

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