How to Use System JRE Instead of Embedded JRE


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This article only applies to JIRA versions prior to JIRA 6.4. If you're on a version of JIRA equal to or higher than 6.4, this article does not apply.

JIRA installer comes with its own JRE, hence JIRA won't use system JRE when its run. If you want to configure JIRA to use system JRE please follow the steps below:

  1. Jira をシャットダウンします。
  2. Edit <JIRA_Installation_Directory>/bin/catalina.bat or on your favorite text editor
  3. Input the following lines:

    For catalina.bat after the line "@echo off":

    SET JRE_HOME="<Full Path of Your JRE Directory>"

    For after the line "#!/bin/sh":

    JRE_HOME="<Full Path of Your JRE Directory>"
  4. Change the JRE_HOME value with the absolute path of your system JRE.
  5. 保存します。
  6. Jira を再起動します。


Please check your System Information page (JIRA Admin > System Information) and see if JIRA run in this JAVA version instead of the installed JRE on your system

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