How to troubleshoot issues with request types


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This page contains information about the errors and problems that you might have when setting up request types for your service Management.

メール チャンネルのデフォルトのリクエストタイプであるため、このリクエストタイプは削除できません。

If you see this error when trying to delete a request type, it means that the email channel for your service Management uses this request type as the default one for all the requests coming from emails. When Jira Service Management pulls emails from the associated email account and creates requests, this request type is assigned to the requests automatically.

  1. From your service Management project, select Project settings () > Email requests.

  2. 既定のリクエスト タイプを別のタイプに変更します。

For more information about the email channel setup, see Receiving requests by email

このリクエストタイプはメール チャンネルのデフォルトであるため、非表示フィールドを表示したり、オプションフィールドを必須にすることはできません。

When Jira Service Management creates new requests from emails sent to the email account associated with your service Management, it copies the email subject to the Summary field and the email content to the Description field. When more fields are required, Jira Service Management cannot parse emails to fill them in with correct values. 


または、メール チャンネルの既定のリクエスト タイプを変更し、別のリクエスト タイプを使用するように、Jira 管理者に依頼します。その後、リクエスト タイプを変更して必須フィールドを追加します。既存の適当なタイプが存在しない場合、そのメール チャンネル用に新しいリクエスト タイプを作成することもできます。 

For more information about the email channel setup, see Receiving requests by email.


In Jira Service Management, the service Management request type is stored with the PortalKey/RequestTypeName value. For example, a "New Feature" request created in your "HelpDesk" Customer Portal would have the HelpDesk/NewFeature value. When you move this request to a new project, the HelpDesk/NewFeature value no longer matches the new project's Customer Portal name and request type values.

When you move a single issue to a new project, simply edit the service Management request type field with the correct request type:

  1. From your service Management project, select an issue.
  2. Under the Service Management request panel, select the request type.
  3. 適切なリクエスト タイプを選択します。

If you need to move a group of issues, you can search for issues with the same issue type in your existing project and then use the Bulk Edit wizard. In the third step, check Change Customer Request Type and select the request type that applies to this group of issues.

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