How to solve Jira Service Management mail loops


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Emails sent to a Jira Service Management inbox are not creating issues, particularly from certain email addresses.

The Jira Service Management Processing Logs, located at https://<instance>/secure/admin/SDMailinfo.jspa, will show the error message "there are several messages within configured time-frame which indicates potential mail loop" in the detail section and the handler will be the "Mail Loop Detector".


A particular email address is sending a lot of email to Jira Service Management inbox in a short period of time. The advanced mail loop detector will block emails from specific email addresses if more than the configured number of emails are received within 15 minutes.


Go to the incoming mail page located at https://<instance>/secure/admin/IncomingMailServers.jspa and in the 'advanced mail loop detector' and make one of the following three changes:
  • Increase the threshold so that it does not trigger as easily (recommended).
  • Set the threshold to 0 to disable it completely (not recommended as it could cause a mail loop to spam your instance).
  • Whitelist trusted domains so that they are not impacted by the mail loop detector (not recommended as it may cause a mail loop even on the trusted domain).

メール ループは一般的に不在通知によって発生するため、信頼されているドメインでもメール ループが発生することがあります。

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