How to send CSAT link to customer using custom notification via Automation when default Request Resolved customer notification disabled


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プラットフォームについて: Cloud のみ - この記事は、 クラウド プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


JIRA Service Management CSAT ( Customer Satisfaction Survey ) feature by default send out to customer together with the default Request Resolved customer notification. If it is disabled  , customer will not receive the CSAT notification. 


JIRA Service Management Cloud 


As a workaround, Admin can send CSAT link to external customer using Automation with bundle action for Send Web Request  and Send Email . Follow the steps below :-

  1. Open the project and go to Project Settings > Automation 

      2. Click Create Rule 

      3. Use Issue Transition trigger and choose Resolved status (choose status where Resolution are set) 


     4. Next , choose Send Web Request  action to generate a customer feedback.token.key  using Set issue property REST API . The action configuration will be :-

  • Web Request URL : https://<insert instance name>{{issue.key}}/properties/feedback.token.key
  • Headers :
    • Authorization : Basic <insert username:email encoded in Base64>
    • Content-Type : application/json
  • HTTP Method : PUT
  • Web Request body : Custom Data
  • Custom data :
    "token": "test123",
    "issueID": {{}}

How to encode authorization with Base64

(info) If you don't have API token, follow the steps in Manage API tokens for your Atlassian account .

  1. Go to
  2. Key in email address:API Token
  3. Then , press Encode 
  4. Copy the encoded text and paste at the Web Request authorization header
  • Lastly , tick the Delay execution of subsequent rule actions until we've received a response for this web request and Save it
  • The configuration will looks like below :-

     5. Once done , add Send Email action and set as below :-

  • To : Set the Reporter 
  • Subject : {{issue.key}} - Please do the Survey 
  • Content : {{issue.url.customer}}/feedback?token=test123

The email content can be customize. Kindly assure the smart value remains.

    6. The moment of truth , test it. 

In case need support from us , please contact our support

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