How to restrict customers access to specific projects only in Jira Service Management


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If you have more than on Service Management project, most likely you would like to configure it in a way that some users (or customers with restricted portal access) are only able to browse and create issues in one Service Management project. For example, if you have ProjectA and ProjectB, you may want to have userA only able to browse and create service requests in ProjectA, userB only able to browse and create issues in ProjectB and so on... 


Removing "The Service Management Customer - Portal Access" from the project permission scheme is not advisable. The way to allow users (or customers with restricted portal access) to only see the Service Management project(s) they are assigned to, is the following:
  1.  Create a Service Management Project (e.g. ProjectA)
  2.  ユーザーを作成します (例: ユーザー A)
  3.  Give UserA the 'Service Management Customers' Project Role for ProjectA (or any other Project Role, depending on your needs)
  4.  [プロジェクト設定] (プロジェクト設定ページの左下) に移動します。[カスタマー権限] で、[チームでプロジェクトに追加した顧客] を選択します。
  5.  プロジェクト メニューで [カスタマー] を選択し、ステップ 2 でプロジェクト ロールを割り当てられたユーザーのみが一覧に表示されていることを確認します。

Repeat above steps for each Service Management project and provide your customers with a single URL to find a list of all the customer portals they can access and the requests they created in each one: https://<instance_name>  

ステップ 2 と 3 の応用
If you have a lot of restricted users and you don't want to add them one by one then you can uncheck the "Restricted Portal Access" checkbox for those users. This way the users will not be using any licence since they don't have any application access and you will be able to add them to groups. On the other hand you have to be really careful when doing this because if, by mistake, you give application access to one of these groups then you will be using a lot of licences. 

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