How to List Filter Subscription of an Issue Filter in JIRA


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The purpose of this article is to show how to get a list of filter subscription of an issue filter in JIRA. The filter subscription can be seen at the "Details" of the issue filter. This article will help on getting a list of filter subscription of an issue filter in JIRA by executing a SQL command against the JIRA database.


  1. Log in to JIRA database.
  2. Run the following SQL command to list the subscription:
select * from filtersubscription where filter_i_d = (select id from searchrequest where filtername = '<filter name>');

(info) Substitute "<filter name>" in the query with your issue filter name

Example result will look like the following:

  id   | filter_i_d | username |      groupname      | last_run | email_on_empty
 10001 |      10001 | admin    | jira-administrators |          | false
(1 row)

(warning) For MSSQL, the SQL query will be:

SELECT * FROM [<your JIRA database name>].[dbo].[filtersubscription] WHERE [FILTER_I_D]=(SELECT ID FROM [<your JIRA database name>].[dbo].[searchrequest] WHERE [filtername]='<filter name>')

(info) Substitute "<your JIRA database name>" and "<filter name>" in the query with your JIRA database name and your issue filter name


The subscription details such as 'schedule' or 'next run' are stored in the clusteredjob database table. To retrieve these data, run the following steps. 

  1. Note the id of the filtersubscription entry from the query above.
  2. Append it to the following query

    select * from clusteredjob where job_id = 'com.atlassian.jira.issue.subscription.DefaultSubscriptionManager:<subscription_id>';

    (info) Substitute "<subscription_id>" in the query with the filtersubscription id from step 1

    Example result will look like following:

    id              | 11323
    job_id          | com.atlassian.jira.issue.subscription.DefaultSubscriptionManager:10002
    job_runner_key  | com.atlassian.jira.issue.subscription.DefaultSubscriptionManager
    sched_type      | C
    interval_millis |
    first_run       |
    cron_expression | 0 0 1 ? * 2,3,4
    time_zone       |
    next_run        | 1553446800000
    version         | 1
    parameters      | BINARY, 333 Bytes
This can be translated into:

Human Readable Format

0 0 1 ? * 2,3,4

At 01:00:00am, on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, every month

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