How to identify which Groups have access to a Project in JIRA


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You may run the following SQL query to find out the Users/Groups associated with Project Roles in a Project. I have modified the query to see which Groups are assigned to a Project role to which Project.

Finding which Groups have access to a Project - Run on JIRA DB
select project.pkey as pkey,project.pname as project_name, as project_role_name,cwd_membership.parent_name as groupuser
from cwd_membership,projectrole,projectroleactor,project
where = and projectroleactor.projectroleid =
and roletype = 'atlassian-group-role-actor' and membership_type='GROUP_USER' and parent_name=roletypeparameter
group by pkey,project_name,project_role_name,groupuser;

The above SQL query was written and tested only on PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, you may need to rewrite it accordingly to suit for other supported databases.

最終更新日 2022 年 5 月 30 日


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