How to get the "set resolution" checkbox in KANBAN/SCRUM Board > Columns view?


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Problem statement

Project owner wants to have checkbox field "set resolution" in his KANBAN/SCRUM Board > Columns view.



Set resolution check box did not appeared for a board, during board configuration.
The "Set Resolution" checkbox is present for a Simplified Workflow. A simplified workflow is one that isn't shared across projects, and allows transition from any to any state.

If Simplified Workflow is not being used, there are two options to force Resolution to be set:

  • Associate a screen with the workflow transition to Done/Closed etc. The screen should present the "Resolution" field to the user. You can use the Resolve Issue Screen which is built-in to Jira I believe. The field can also be set to mandatory using a workflow validator.
  • Set the resolution automatically using a workflow Post-Function This will only allow you to set it to a single value obviously.

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