How to delete mails from the Jira outbound queue


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For any reason you need to delete (not flush) the mails from mail queue. Thousands of e-mails are awaiting in mail queue to be sent. 

This may be caused by adding a wrong inbox Email address for mail handler. If there are thousands of messages in this inbox, Jira reads them all, creates issues and sends notification to related users.

There are many other scenarios that may cause mass outbound notifications.


All versions of Jira Core 7.x and 8.x.


A built-in solution has ben requested and can be tracked here:

JRASERVER-65784 - 課題詳細を取得中... ステータス

Please vote, watch and comment if this impacts you!


Jira outbound email is stored in-memory. If you're trying to clear Jira sending mail queue, restart Jira.

Following a Jira restart, all queued outgoing email will be cleared. There's no way to selectively clear email and leave others in the queue.  

What if I'm on Data Center

In DC, outbound email is also stored in memory. Every DC node maintains its own queue. 

You will need to inspect the outgoing mail queue on each node and see which one has the big number of emails. This node has to be restarted. 

If all nodes have thousands of emails queued, do a rolling cluster restart (one node at a time) — you don't need to stop all nodes together.

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