How to configure notifications for breached SLAs in Jira Service Management


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This guide instructs how to configure notifications in Jira Service Management that will be sent when an SLA has been breached. This is now available in Jira Service Management 2.4 and higher. If using that version or higher, refer to Automating your service project. Otherwise, this article applies.


You can use the Jira application subscriptions to augment Service Management's SLAs to get this functionality:

  1. Configure your SLA, in this example, we're using "Time to Resolution".
  2. Configure a JQL filter in the Jira application per SLA you need notifications for. An example is: 

    "Time to Resolution" <= remaining("0m") and "Time to Resolution" > remaining("-60m")

    (info) Set the time on the right side equal to the frequency after an SLA breach within which you want to be notified. The above JQL gives you issues which breached in the last hour.

  3. As per Saving your search as a filter, save the filter and then subscribe to it.

  4. Set the frequency to be the same as that which you used in your JQL filter (60m above)
  5. Repeat this process for each SLA.

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