How to change the default issue type displayed at the Create Issue screen.


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This guide applies to Jira Server/Data Center as well as Jira Cloud. 

However for team-managed projects in Jira Cloud (previously known as next-gen), it is not possible to change this default issue type. 

We are tracking this request for those projects types over in JSWCLOUD-17743 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Users would like to change the default issue type that is displayed every time they create new issues in Jira. 


  • In this example we will be changing the default issue type from "Bug" to "Story"

  1. Click on Projects -> Choose the appropriate project
  2. Click on the Administration tab -> Click on Issue Types from the left pane
  3. At the Issue Types screen, click on the Actions button on the right -> Select Edit Issue Types
  4. Locate the Default Issue Type field -> Select the appropriate Issue type you would like to display as default. In this example, i will pick "Story"
  5. Reorder the Issue Types for Current Scheme to place the Issue type you would like to display as default right on top of the order. You can drag and drop the boxes.
  6. Click the Save button below.
  • The next time the user creates an new Issue, the last issue type used will be displayed.  JRASERVER-30620 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Once a user has created an issue in a project in the current session, Jira retains the issue type from the previous issue any time the user creates a new issue in the same project. This is intended to make it easier for users to quickly create issues, such as when a software developer is creating a number of stories for a sprint or a QA engineer is filing bugs.

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