How to allow users to create issues anonymously


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This article describes how to configure the Jira application such that it will allow users to create issues without having to log in.  Depending upon your platform for Jira (Cloud vs Server) as well as your Jira applications in use (Service Management vs Jira Software) the possible solutions here can vary.


For Jira Service Management Cloud

It is possible to use the Jira Service Management Widget to allow anonymous users to submit requests directly to that project.

Jira Software Cloud and Jira Business Cloud

Use the issue collector can provide a means for anonymous users to create issues.  When configuring the issue collector you will typically need to set a default reporter as a user that has permissions to create issues in that project. 

For Jira Server and Jira Data Center

Using the issue collector is the preferred method to gather anonymous requests.  This method is not as complicated to configure nor does it inherently expose the entire project

Alternative to using an issue collector, you can grant a special group of 'Anyone' access via permissions.

This solution also means all users can browse all issues. To further lock this down the Allow anonymous issue creation but prevent anonymous viewing of issues in Jira KB can be followed.

There are two related actions, configured as per Managing project permissions using the below:

  1. ユーザーに対し、ログインなしでのプロジェクトでの課題の参照や検索を許可します。
    1. Add the group Anyone (or "Anyone on the web") to the Browse Projects permission in the permission scheme for the project.
  2. ユーザーに対し、ログインなしでのプロジェクトでの課題の作成を許可します。
    1. Add the group Anyone (or "Anyone on the web") to the Create Issue permission in the permission scheme for the project.
    2. Set the Reporter in the project's field configuration scheme to optional instead of Required (Steps to do this are in Specifying field behavior, failing to do this will provide an error to anonymous users to specify the reporter).

Any issue created by a user who is not logged in will display 'Anonymous' for the reporter of the issue.

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