How to add the 'Escalate this issue' link to a Service Management request


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To build an 'Escalated' status into your workflow.


  1. Edit the desired workflow in Diagram mode.
  2. Add a new status called Escalated with the 'In Progress' category.
  3. Add a transition from Waiting for support to Escalated, name the transition 'Escalate this issue'.
  4. Select Show transition in the customer portal to allow Customer to click on this transition from the Customer Portal, do NOT set a resolution.
  5. Add another transition from Escalated to Waiting for customer, name the transition 'Respond to customer'.
  6. ワークフローを公開します。
  7. Next, add a new queue to show all the Escalated issues to Agents. See Making queues for your service project teams.
  8. (Optional) You can even set an Automation rule to alert a member of your team via an @mention when an issue is escalated, or to add a pre-populated comment to every escalated issue. See Automating your service project.









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