How can I use JIRA applications as a support system without having every user count against my license user limit?


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Since JIRA applications have been designed primarily as an issue tracking software, all users that have login credentials count towards the user limit. This can be a challenge for customers who wish to use JIRA applications as a helpdesk or support system. If purchasing a higher user tiered license is not an option there are a few available workarounds:

- You can configure a JIRA application to allow anonymous users to create issues. This will not only allow 'Anonymous' users to create issues without counting against the user limit but also allow 'Anonymous' users to browse and search issues within the application.

- You can also create issues and comments from email as an anonymous user. The trade-off here is that a JIRA application will not be able to automatically send outgoing email notifications. A possible workaround is provided by the third party JIRA Enterprise Mail Handler Add-On. This add-on will allow you to capture the email address of the 'Anonymous' user who created the issue via email in a custom field. This will allow you to both identify the user from this field and send outgoing notifications to the 'Anonymous' user. Another add-on called JIRA Email This Issue offers a nearly identical 'email to user from custom field' feature.

- Use JIRA applications share issue feature to notify 'Anonymous' users about an issues status (feature was released with JIRA 5.0).

- Consider trying the JIRA Issue Collector Add-On, which allows you to embed a feedback form on any webpage that visitors can use to submit feedback in the form of a JIRA applications issue. The application Issue Collector was designed for feedback from users who are not registered JIRA application users, so it is an awesome add-on to use when working with 'Anonymous' users. The JIRA application Issue Collector is included in JIRA as of JIRA 5.1.


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