Hide fields in details block in Create/View/Edit Screen in JIRA


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You may want to hide certain field in details block in Create/View/Edit Issue screen. There are 3 types of fields:

  • System special fields
  • Other system fields
  • カスタム フィールド 

Depend on field type there will be different resolution. 



  • the below was tested with JIRA version 6.3.x, 6.4.x. May not work with other versions.


You can hide most fields through custom Screens (please see Configuring Fields and Screens for more details) or through custom Field Configuration (please see JIRA - Specifying Field Behavior for more details). Field Configuration will take precedence over Screens. If you hide a field in Field Configuration it will be removed from all Screens. This behaviour is valid for Other system fields and Custom fields. For System special fields, however there will be different behaviour.

Please see the behaviour for each type of field types below.

System special fields.

These fields are bundled with JIRA by default and have special behaviour:

  • Summary - mandatory, non-removable
  • Issue Type - mandatory, non-removable
  • Status - mandatorynon-removable
  • 優先度
  • ソリューション
  • バージョン
  • FixVersions
  • コンポーネント
  • セキュリティ
  • ラベル
  • Environment - non-mandatory, non-removable (if not empty)

For all fields without special note the only way to hide them is to Hide through Field Configuration. You can't hide them through Screens.

Other system fields

These fields are bundled with JIRA by default and are not part of System special fields. They follow the usual behaviour.

カスタム フィールド 

These fields are created by customer and follow the usual behaviour.

More information: Issue View page is generated by JIRA plugin jira-view-issue-plugin-xx.jar. You can find details block template in viewissue/detailsblock.vm file.

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