Fields unavailable for mapping when importing CSV to Jira server


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Using the JIRA Importers Plugin (JIM) to import issues from CSV, on the field mapping screen, user can't find a certain field to map because it is not shown on the drop-down list.


Example scenario

On field mapping screen user can't map the field Issue Type because it is not shown on drop-down list.


A) The affected field, is not correctly associated to the appropriate screen.

B) If the CSV import file has two columns with the same title (this can happen for fields that accept multiple values), the importer screen will limit the fields available to only those that can accept multiple values (such as labels, affected versions, Components, etc)


A) Solution:

1. Go to Fields Configuration page on your JIRA instance.
(info) Keyboard Shortcut : 'G' + 'G' + start typing 'Field Configurations' and hit Enter.
2. At the Default Field Configuration , click on Configure
3. Locate affected field name
4. On the left of the affected field name, click on Screens
5. On the Associate field Issue Type to screens page, Select or Tick all screens. This will associate the affected field name to all screens.
6. Click update.


B) Solution:

You can either select a field that can accept multiple values, or alternatively, you could rename one of the columns in the CSV file before importing it in order to place that data into a different field.


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