Error - SocketException: Network is unreachable: connect - when setting Outgoing SMTP Mail Server in JIRA


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After you finish setting up the Outgoing SMTP Mail Server in JIRA, while you try to test the connection the the following error appears:

The following stack traces appears in the atlassian-jira.log:

2013-07-25 15:00:36,343 http-bio-8080-exec-16 ERROR test 900x1185x1 11bp8rq /secure/admin/VerifySmtpServerConnection!update.jspa [plugins.mail.webwork.VerifyMailServer] Unable to connect to the server at test.mail.smtp due to the following exception: Cannot assign requested address: connect


  • Try to verify whether the host name of the SMTP mail server is correct or not.
  • Check on the credential for the SMTP mail server make sure the username and password is correct
  • Use netcat (sudo apt-get install netcat) to test the connection to the SMTP mail server and determine if it can be established (nc -vnz -w 1 <mail_server_ip> <port>).


SMTP host name is invalid or there is some restriction that block JIRA to connect to the SMTP host name. On Windows 7 this exception is known to be thrown due to problems with Java trying to use the IPv6 address.


Most probably there is anti-virus and firewall installed in the JIRA host machine that is blocking the host name of the SMTP mail server. Try to double check on the inbound and outbound rules on both anti-virus and firewall and set exception for the SMTP host name.

Windows 7 Only:

  1. Jira を停止します。
  2. Add the following argument to the JVM as per Setting Properties and Options on Startup:
  3. Jira を起動します。

Last modified on Mar 10, 2024


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