Error 500 when opening the Permissions page


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When going to Project > Administration > Permissions, a 500 error page appears (Passed List had more than one value)

The below may be found within the atlassian-jira.log:

2015-06-01 07:00:00,417 http-bio-443-exec-205 ERROR      [500ErrorPage.jsp] Exception caught in 500 page Passed List had more than one value.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Passed List had more than one value.
	at org.ofbiz.core.entity.EntityUtil.getOnly(
	at com.atlassian.jira.projectconfig.contextproviders.ProjectPermissionContextProvider.getProjectPermissionsScheme(
	at com.atlassian.jira.projectconfig.contextproviders.ProjectPermissionContextProvider.getContextMap(
	at com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.CacheableContextProviderDecorator.initContextMap(


There is more than one Permission Scheme associated to the project, which is causing this misbehavior.


(warning) Keep in mind to backup your JIRA instance before proceed!

  1. Jira をシャットダウンします。
  2. Run the following SQL query in the JIRA database to find the duplicate Permission Scheme associated to the project:

    select p.pname,
    from project p , nodeassociation n , permissionscheme ps, n.source_node_id, n.sink_node_id
    where = n.source_node_id 
    	and = n.sink_node_id 
    	and n.sink_node_entity='PermissionScheme';
  3. Delete one of the duplicated associations from your database, replacing SOURCE_NODE_ID and SINK_NODE_ID by the result from the query above (the duplicated entry):

    delete from nodeassociation where sink_node_entity='PermissionScheme' and source_node_id = SOURCE_NODE_ID and sink_node_id = SINK_NODE_ID;
  4. Restart JIRA instance.

Last modified on Mar 11, 2019


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