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There are a number of different possible causes for this general behavior listed in the title of this knowledge base article.  This article will attempt to offer you different diagnosis steps and symptoms listed in order to give you more concise troubleshooting steps.

Symptoms #1

  1. Using JIRA Cloud
  2. Using a next gen project

Resolution #1

Next gen projects do not have a formal edit button like previous iterations of Jira.  Instead these issues should be editable just by clicking on the issue fields directly in-line, (provided that user has permissions to edit the issues, see #2).

Symptoms #2

  1. One specific user does not have permissions to edit one or more issues in a specific project
  2. Other users of this project do see the edit button for this same issue.

Diagnosis steps for #2

Have a JIRA administrator use the Permission Helper utility built into JIRA in order to determine if that user actually has permission to edit the issue or not.

Resolution #2

A user with JIRA admin rights would need to edit the permission scheme in use by that project to permit that user to edit issues.  Managing project permissions has more details on how to do this.

Symptoms #3

  1. You have already checked that the user DOES have permissions to edit the issue per the JIRA Permission helper
  2. However only issues in a specific status are not able to be edited

Diagnosis steps for #3

Have a JIRA Administrator take a closer look at the workflow in question for this project.  It is possible that this workflow has a specific Workflow property set on it that can prevent users from editing the issue, even if they have permissions according to the project permissions.  For example if one of the statuses has a workflow property such as 'jira.issue.editable' or 'jira.permission.*' then issues in that project that use this workflow could be restricting use from editing the issue from an administrator level.

Resolution #3

Have JIRA administrator edit the workflow to remove this property on this status, and then publish the workflow again.

Workaround for #3

Transition the issue to a different state first, one that does not have this workflow property restriction.  Then you can edit the issue.

Symptoms #4

  1. User have 'edit issue' permission on the project, but the edit button does not show up.
  2. This problem affects all users across all projects, and not just a single user or a single project.

原因 #4

The View Issue Ops Bar Edit Link (edit-issue) module of the Issue Operations Plugin, which is a system plugin, is disabled.

Resolution #4

Access the Universal Plugin Manager in JIRA:

  1. JIRA システム管理者」 グローバル権限を持つユーザーとしてログインします
  2. Navigate to the Universal plugin manager
    JIRA Cloud
    :  Select > Apps > Manage Apps.
    JIRA Server 7.12.x and earlier: > Add-ons > Manage add-ons
    JIRA Server 8.0.x and higher:  > Manage Apps > Manage Apps
    The Universal Plugin Manager will be displayed, showing the plugins installed on your JIRA site.
    Keyboard shortcut : 'g' + 'g' + start typing 'add-ons' or 'apps' depending on your version/platform
  3. In the system plugins, search for the Issue Operations Plugin.
  4. Open the plugin details and click on Manage plugin modules link.
  5. Search for the View Issue Ops Bar Edit Link module and click on Enable on the right corner of the line.

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