How to delete private filters and subscriptions in Jira


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Out-dated or private filters and subscriptions from other users are still active.


In JIRA, it used to not possible to delete other users private filters and subscriptions. 

This has been fixed as of Jira 8.11.0:

  • JRA-41269 - 課題詳細を取得中... ステータス


  • If you have Jira 8.11+:
Method 1:

Admins can view and search for all existing filters and dashboards from the administration area.

  • To view filters, go to Administration > System > Filters.
  • To view dashboards, go to Administration > System > Dashboards.

These pages already existed (Shared filters/dashboards), but until now they only included filters that were shared by their owners. Now, it will also include private filters/dashboards.

After clicking the filter/dashboard name, you can navigate to it and modify it just like its owner—improve the JQL or gadgets' settings, share permissions, and more.

  • For Jira 8.10 or older:
Method 1:

Use the functionality provided by the JIRA SU Plugin to modify other users' filters:

Method 2:

Use the 'Switch to a different user' built-in script provided by the Groovy Script Runner add-on:

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