Custom Field Not Appearing in Issue Navigator Search Criteria


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This may not be applicable to JIRA 6.3.3 due to the implementation of JRA-9367 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


Even after adding the custom field into the navigator column, the custom field is not appearing in the Issue Navigator.


The custom field is set in a context such that it will only appear in certain projects or issue types. For example, the user has three projects, Project A, Project B and Project C, and one custom field, Custom X. Custom X is set to only appear in Project A. Custom X is then added into the Navigator Columns.


If the user performs a global search (all projects, with no specific issue type), Custom X will not appear in the search columns (both the result column and the filters on the left).

However, if the user narrows the search to only include Project A, after refreshing, Custom X will appear in the search columns.


Same thing happens if Custom X is set to a specific issue type, let's say Bug.

If the user performs a global search, Custom X will not appear.

However, if the user specifies the search to only include Bug type issues, Custom X will appear.


The behavior of when the custom field appears on the search criteria selection depends on a variety of factors:

  1. If the custom field has a context that limits it to certain projects and issue types, it will not appear in your issue navigator by default. You must select projects and issue types where this field is used. Once you select the project and issue type, click the Click here link in the blue box. The custom fields will appear in the issue navigator now.
  2. You could also make the context of the custom field global, such that the custom field will appear for all projects and issue types
  3. Otherwise, the custom field may be missing its search template configuration:
    1. Click Administration > Custom Fields
    2. Click then Edit on the custom field. Ensure there is a search template chosen for the field.

See Saving your search as a filter for further reference.

Workaround to hide Global Custom Fields from selected projects

When you set the custom field context as global,  this will cause other projects to have the unnecessary custom field in their project. This workaround helps to hide the unnecessary custom field from specified projects.

  1. Create a screen which does not contain the custom field which you don't need. 
  2. Copy the current create issue screen to new screen, say 'TestScreen' and remove the custom field.
  3. Copy/create a Screen Scheme and associate 'Create Issue' operation with the 'TestScreen'. Let's say 'Test Screen Scheme'
  4. Copy/create an Issue Type Screen Scheme and associate those issue types (which you don't want to have the custom field) with the 'Test Screen Scheme', and other issue types with the original screen scheme (which you are using currently).
  5. Go to the related projects and associate the project with the 'Test Screen Scheme'.
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