Convert Existing Issues to Service Management Requests


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After creating Service Management for existing projects, old issues created before the Service Management creation date were not converted to Service Management requests.


Request type is not specified

 Jira Service Management requests are Jira issues that:

  1. Are in a Jira Service Management enabled project.
  2. Have a valid Customer Request Type (or Request Type / Service Management Request Type).

Currently Jira Service Management doesn't convert the existing issues to requests automatically. The improvement ticket is tracked over here:  JSD-55 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Convert issues to Jira Service Management requests by adding request types. 


  1. Determine what issues do not have request types. 

  2. Obtain proper format for request types from the database.

  3. Add request type to affected issues using Jira Suite UtilitiesThe steps below will need to be performed for each request type.

Detailed steps:

Third party add-on required

You will need to install the third party add-on Jira Suite Utilities. It also recommended to to test the work around in your stagiing/dev instance first.

Cloud Customers

Please contact Atlassian support for the database query results.
  1. Run the following JQL in the advanced search within Jira:

    project = XXXX AND "Customer Request Type" is EMPTY
  2. Install the third party add-on Jira Suite Utilities.
  3. The database query below will return the results of the project key and the request type.

    select vp."KEY" as "project-key",vpf."KEY" AS "request-type" from "AO_54307E_VIEWPORT" vp join "AO_54307E_VIEWPORTFORM" vpf on vpf."VIEWPORT_ID" = vp."ID";

    Query syntax formatting may need to be adjusted

    The syntax above is written for Postgres. It may need to be adjusted for other database engines.
  4. Go to the workflow used by the affected project.
  5. Create a temporary transition named "Set Customer Request Type" and map to the same status (or any other status you prefer).
  6. In the transition, go to the Post Function tab.
  7. Add a post function Update Custom Field with following values:

  8. Save the workflow or publish the draft.
  9. Run the following JQL in Advanced Search:(info) Replace XXX with your prefer project. For better result, include the issuetype to ensure the issues set to the right request type.
  10. In Issue Navigator, choose Tools >> Bulk Operation.
  11. From the list of operations, select "Transition Issues".
  12. Select the transition "Set Customer Request Type"
  13. Finish the operation.
  14. The temporary transition can be removed from the workflow after the operation is completed.

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