Configuring JIRA Service to Run on a Different JVM


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To configure JIRA service to run on different JVM rather then the default one which is bundled with JIRA installation, the JVM parameter of the JIRA service has to be modified. To modify JIRA's service parameters, follow these steps: 

  1. In the services list, find JIRA's service.
  2. Right click, go to properties and find the value of the "Path To Executable" parameter. It looks something like

    "C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\bin\tomcat7.exe" //RS//JIRA070313174758
  3. Replace tomcat7.exe with tomcat7w, and RS with ES, and it will provide you with a command like the following:

    "C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\bin\tomcat7w.exe" //ES//JIRA070313174758
  4. Run that command from a command console.
  5. In the Java tab of the configuration window that opens, change the 'Java Virtual Machine' setting to use the new location of the jvm.dll.
  6. Restart the service 'Atlassian JIRA'.
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