Configuring JIRA DVCS Connector Plugin at a project level


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When user tried setup the DVCS Connector on our JIRA instance to communicate with the Bitbucket. User want the link be setup at a project level so that

1. Access is isolated to that project
2. Each project can link to a different bitbucket account


Based on the Linking Bitbucket Cloud and GitHub accounts to JIRA Software documentation , it is stated that :

After you link an account, JIRA Software automatically starts looking for commits that reference issue keys. The summary shows the synchronisation results and errors, if any. A synchronisation of commit data from the DVCS repository to JIRA Software can take some time. As the synchronisation progresses, the commits appear in related issues. You can always enable and disable the linking of repositories with JIRA Software as needed.

This means that, all Bitbucket does is reference issues from JIRA, and nothing else.
Therefore, the links cannot be setup into project level so that JIRA will only looks for a specific project key in the commit references from a particular Bitbucket account.

It's not possible to configure JIRA-Bitbucket link to a specific project. If an issue key from a different project is accidentally entered during the commit, the comment, time, and transition of an issue will happen only if the user has permission to do so in that project. In other words, it depends on the Permission Scheme of that project. 


Create a new project in Jira with permissions , then perform bulk move all the issues to the projects manually after the issues were linked with the BitBucket accounts.

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