Can JIRA be used for Client Management?


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


If you want to have clients be able to log into your system and see specific information, check statuses, etc., they will need to be a seated user (that is they count as one of your licensed users). You can set up JIRA to allow for anonymous users to create issues and even further allow this to happen via email without having the clients be seated users. This has limitations - email notifications will not work and these users won't be able to see a project's status. If you do decide to setup the clients as seated users, then you will want to follow these steps to make sure that the client only has access to appropriate information:

  1. Create a new Project Role (for how to add a project role click here: Managing Project Roles). Name this role 'Clients' and give it a description "A project role that represents clients in a project". 
  2. After the role is defined, you need to edit permissions to ensure the client users have appropriate permissions (click here for information on Managing Project Permissions). At this time you can also configure the permissions for other roles in the projects such as Developers. The Permissions that you typically want to configure are: Browse Projects, Create Issues, Assign Issues, Assignable User, Close Issues, Add Comments, Edit Own Comments, Delete Own Comments, Create Attachments, Delete Own Attachments
  3. All users inherit the JIRA users permission so you should remove any of the permissions that you do not want the clients to have (and ensure the developers/other roles have those permissions).
  4. Your final step is to add the users: Add users.  And then assign the appropriate project roles (Managing Users). This will allow you to assign Clients on a per Project basis, and therefore make sure that what Client A sees is not Client B's work.
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