Bulk editing a large number of issues is slow in Jira


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Bulk editing issues in Jira is slow. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours to bulk edit a large amount of issues. Here are some sample bulk edit times tested on a new/vanilla JIRA server instance:

We've tested editing issues to add a value to 3 fields and change the priority of all issues, and this is how long this took depending on the number of issues:

  • 100 issues - 7 seconds
  • 500 issues - 32 seconds
  • 1000 issues - 67 seconds

Depending on the changes you are making to all of these tickets, the times can vary. It is acceptable for this to take up to a few minutes. However, in the cases where this is taking too long and the changes are prohibitive, you might be able to speed this up.


  • Check if this is only occurring in a 3rd party or custom field - if so, get in touch with the plugin vendor for support

    • This issue has been encountered when using specific custom fields from the Xray Test Management plugin for Jira.  
  • Enable safe mode and see if the issue continues - if the issue goes away then this could be a plugin issue

  • Run a background re-index and then test again
  • Ensure you are not encountering any performance issues that could be causing this. 


  • If safe mode helps speed this up, disable each 3rd party individually and test to narrow it down to a specific plugin

  • If this is caused by a custom field coming from a 3rd party plugin, contact the plugin vendor for support

  • If this is caused by a custom field you have set up, or if you are unable to resolve this otherwise - contact Atlassian Support

    • Do include logs with the com.atlassian.jira.web.action.issue.bulkedit package set to DEBUG logging to add the Bulk Edit progress percentage added in the log, visualizing the slowness of the operation

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