AWS QuickStart Template leads to "The following resource(s) failed to create: [VPCStack]. . Rollback requested by user." Error


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When using the JIRA QuickStart template with AWS, the setup fails  with the following error:

Waiting for changeset to be created..
Waiting for stack create/update to complete

Failed to create/update the stack. Run the following command
to fetch the list of events leading up to the failure
aws cloudformation describe-stack-events --stack-name JIRA-Data-Center

"ResourceStatusReason": "The following resource(s) failed to create: [VPCStack]. . Rollback requested by user.",
"ResourceStatusReason": "Template error: Fn::Select cannot select nonexistent value at index 1",
"ResourceStatusReason": "User Initiated",
"ResourceStatusReason": "User Initiated",


The AvailabilityZone CloudFormation template is different from the region, and the quick start template requires entering at least 2 availability zones. This ensures the infrastructure is spread across 2 physical Amazon data centers, which are geographically very close to each other and helps ensure high availability.


 If you're launching the template from the AWS console, you can pick 2 availability zones from the picker. If you're launching via the AWS CLI, you can supply the parameters as a comma-separated list (for example us-east-1a,us-east-1b).

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