Auto populate Insight Attributes into Jira Insight custom field


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This article details steps to automatically populate attributes values of an Insight object into a custom field via Automation for Jira.


Jira Service Management Insight Cloud Premium


The admin would like to update a field in JSM issues with an attribute of the asset selected on an Insight field in the issue. For example, the admin would like to populate the 'Address' custom field with the 'Location address' attribute of the selected Insight object.


  1. Create Object Schema and Object type for Assets.
  2. In the Assets object type, add 'Address' attribute.
  3. On a newly created or existing object, update the 'Address' attribute with a value.
  4. Create Insight Custom field and add to JSM screen.
  5. Create a new text custom field and add it to the same JSM screen. E.g: Address
  6. Then, create automation as below:-
    • Pick Issue Created trigger (Or any trigger depending on when/where in the issue you would like the custom field to be updated with the object attribute value)
    • Then, add the 'Lookup Objects' action. 

    • Select the scheme where the object is located in, and on 'Query', use the following IQL query to 'look' for the object that is selected in the Insight field created on Step 4:

      "Key" = "{{customfield_XXXX}}" 

      'customfield_XXXX' being the customfield ID of the Insight field created on Step 4.

    • Add the 'Edit issue fields' action, and edit the 'Address' field created in step 5 to the following value:


      'Address' being the object attribute name which value you would like to populate to the Address Jira custom field.

    • Save and publish the automation rule.
    • Lastly, the moment of truth. Test it (smile)

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