Add a Custom Field to Transition Screen


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Create custom field and include it in a transition screen.


In a customer service workflow, the customer service agents will have to specify the Resolve Method on the resolve issue transition. In this case, a custom field name "Resolve Method" has to be created and included in the resolution screen.

Configurations Steps

Create A Custom Field and Add it into a Transition Screen

  1. Log in with JIRA Administrator global permission.
  2. Go to Custom Fields page by: Cog Icon > Issues > Find Custom Fields under Fields category at the left.
  3. Click at Add Custom Field and Select a Field Types. In this case we use Select List (Single Choice) and then add the options to be selected by users.
    After you clicked Create it will bring you to a page where all the existing screens are listed.

  4. Add the custom field that you just created to the an existing screen then update the changes. If you would like to create a new screen for your transition, please find the details step in Defining a Screen.
  5. Follow the steps in mapping a screen to workflow transition to map the screen to the workflow's Resolve Issue Transition.

    (info) Learn how to make the custom field required in the workflow transition at this page : How to make JIRA Fields required in a Workflow Transition.

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