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Latest Hipchat Server knowledge base articles

Check out the latest knowledge base articles for Hipchat Server, listed below.

Troubleshooting tip #1: apply configurations and restart services

Most common questions for Hipchat Server and Hipchat Data Center

Using the Auto-Archive script for HipChat Server

How to make HipChat Server 'read only'

HipChat Server Performance Tweaks

How to locate the API v2 documentation bundled inside HipChat Server/Data Center

How to Check HipChat Server API Token Expiration

"ERR Client sent AUTH, but no password is set" during 'hc-migrate' export

HipChat Server: How to Obtain Users with Admin Access

How to list add-ons/integrations recently used

How to export Hipchat Karma points

HipChat Server / Data Center: How to Flush the Mail Queue

Unable to add user at this time

HipChat Server: Cannot Access admin Backend through Terminal / SSH

HipChat Server: "There was an issue creating this room" Error on iOS

How to extract the private chat history between two users

Export fails with "Couldn't encrypt the file"

Readstate read/unread notifications and tracking across chat clients not working for Hipchat Server and Data Center

How to Stop & Start HipChat Server / HipChat Data Center

Export fails with "Error: 500 Server Error: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR for url: http://localhost:7777/export/group/1"

Upgrade to Hipchat Server 2.4.x fails; system is unusable with "Something went wrong try again later" in the UI

How to Activate Users on HipChat Data Center Without Email Server

HipChat Server / Data Center: How to capture client type usage stats

HipChat Server / Data Center: How to Turn Off Desktop Client Update Notification

Change backend IP addresses of Postgres, Redis and NFS for Hipchat Datacenter Nodes

HipChat Server: JIRA Issue Preview is Not Working

HipChat Server fails with [Errno 30] Read-only file system error

Gearman doesn't start and is not monitored by Monit - No email and push notifications

How to find the server ID of my Hipchat Data Center deployment?

HipChat Server: Unable to Create Users After Hitting Maximum License Count

How to update the base URL/FQDN of Hipchat Data Center

How to upgrade to a specific or old version of Hipchat Server

How to configure a basic Nginx reverse proxy for Hipchat Data Center

How to enable the Monit GUI to monitor the Hipchat Data Center nodes

"There was a problem connecting to the marketplace" when using the Chrome Browser

Video is enabled in private conversations and disabled in rooms

Chat History Export fails with - 400 Incorrect JSON value: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

Directory sync fails with - error - Could not connect to Coral (Hipchat API) at:

Hipchat Server - "Error: Unable to Start Session" When Launching Chat Session After Upgrade Process

How to open a Hipchat Server diagnostic bundle

Login fails with "The email and password you entered don't match." after VM reboot

Android users in China do not get push notifications

How to configure a basic Apache reverse proxy for Hipchat Data Center

pre-configure the Linux client with a Hipchat Server URL

How to Check Hipchat Client Version (Desktop & Mobile)

Disable Local Login (Admin & Users) for Hipchat Server / Hipchat Data Center

Users are not receiving emails or push notifications in Data Center

How to migrate from Hipchat Server to Hipchat Data Center

Android app on Android 5+ cannot connect to Hipchat Data Center

How to re-enable the setup wizard in Hipchat Data Center

How to patch Hipchat Server for CVE-2017-14585

How to collect logs from all nodes in Hipchat Data Center

Data Center configuration fails with "ERROR Couldn't initialize the database" while executing a "ON CONFLICT" clause in Postgres

How to set up a basic HAProxy reverse proxy for Hipchat Data Center

How to set up a basic NFS server for Hipchat Data Center

How to set up a basic Redis cache for Hipchat Data Center

How to set up a basic PostgreSQL database for Hipchat Data Center

Hipchat Data Center: CentOS NFS Mount Failure

Can't integrate Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket Server and Hipchat Server with java.net.SocketException: Connection reset

Hipchat Data Center / Hipchat Server: Troubleshooting Jira Integration

Cannot integrate Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket Server and Hipchat Server/Data Center with ClientHandlerException

Cannot apply Atlassian Data Center Stack License to a Hipchat Server

Android mobile app disconnects and fails to reconnect with Send button grayed out

Loading user presence status or chat history is very slow on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

Hipchat Server services start slowly

Unable to add users to a newly deployed Hipchat Data Center

Removing Emoticons on Hipchat Data Center

Audit Scan Failure due to SSH Diffie-Hellman Modulus <= 1024 Bits (Logjam) port:22

Hipchat Server: Data Center mode detected, scanning subnet: XXX.XXX.XX.X/XX After Reboot

Permanently remove emoticons from Hipchat Data Center 3.0.1

LDAP password reset doesn't disconnect/kick out user

Hipchat Data Center configuration fails with "Operation not Permitted" when trying to write to the NFS file store.

How to change files maintained by Chef in Hipchat Server

Login page reloads and doesn't let the user in, no error is shown in the UI

File Attachments and Emoticons on Hipchat Server are Missing after a Migration.

How To List Integrations Installed in All Rooms from Hipchat Server

Hipchat Server Web Interface Inaccessible and Shows a "Services Starting" Message

Jira Hipchat integration shows OAUTH FAILURE status

Cannot integrate Hipchat Server with two (or multiple) Jira Server instances

Unable to complete Hipchat Server export due to insufficient disk space

Hipchat Server is unavailable after updating SSL certificate

"Couldn't upload the file" error due to low disk space on Hipchat Server

Notifications fail due to missing curler service

Jira integration with Hipchat Server failed with HTTP error 502

Unable to connect to Hipchat after upgrading Hipchat Server to version 2.1.3 and newer

Files are missing after upgrading to Hipchat Server 2.2.3

Directory users unable to login as 'Active Directory server' is not functional during authentication

How to migrate emoticons to a different server

Hipchat Server synchronization with LDAP fails with javax.naming.CommunicationException: domain.com:389 [Root exception is java.net.SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out

How to add a custom HTML page to Hipchat Server

How to use the Hipchat Server Support Toolkit

Updating the license fails with "Cannot write license to file, please contact Hipchat support"

How to check for active and inactive users on Hipchat Server

How to remove global emoticons in Hipchat Server

Can I change the time zone in the Hipchat Server console?

How to change the username and the SSH password for the admin user

monit scissortail alerts are received after upgrade from 1.1.x to 2.x

File upload from the desktop client fails with: Couldn't upload the file

How to set up additional user for sudo access in Hipchat Server

Cannot synchronize all users from an Active Directory filter

How to locally host the GitHub for Hipchat integration

SSL certificate errors on OS X 10.11.x when using internally signed CA certs

The MSI client installation is incomplete

"Something Went Wrong" Error when logging in with OneLogin

Unable to Make Video Calls with Error "Sorry, you're not allowed to join this call" When Hipchat Server Has Invalid Server Time

Directory page in Hipchat Server is not loaded after directory synchronisation runs

Hipchat Server Upgrades to 2.2.0 fail to complete or pause requesting user input

How to pre-configure the Windows client with a Hipchat Server URL

Increase the v2 API rate limit

How to display all audit log events in one page

Mobile Client Usage Guide

Hubot stopped working on Hipchat Server v2.0.7 and later

Known issues and limitations of external directory synchronization

Android app on Android 4.x and older cannot connect to Hipchat Server 2.0.4 or 2.0.7+ with Unable to reach server domain

Unable to install integrations on Hipchat

Hipchat Video setup fails on servers behind a proxy

Integration unable to reach Hipchat Server 2.0.4 or 2.0.7+ with SocketException: Connection reset

Hipchat Server upgrade hit into lock errors

Hipchat Server upgrade stalled and eventually timed out while executing apt-get-update-build-essentials

Hipchat clients unable to connect to Hipchat Server: Couldn't load Hipchat

Rooms were deleted/vanished/disappeared with no apparent reason

Hipchat4 Debian client doesn't connect

Integration stopped working after upgrade to 2.0.7

LDAPS integration with Hipchat Server fails with SSLHandshakeException - PKIX path validation failed: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: Path does not chain with any of the trust anchors

External XMPP ports 5222, 5223 disabled by default in Hipchat Server 2.0.7

Hipchat Server /var/log is full

Soft lockup messages from Linux kernel on Hipchat Server

Confluence Glance preview unable to load in Hipchat clients

How to force network configurations and routes

How to schedule a recurring job (cron job)

Upgrade fails with SHA512sum mismatch

Hipchat Server upgrade throws error STDERR: dpkg: dependency error for libc6

Online increase of the log partition's disk space

Hipchat Server upgrade fails with Chef error

Mixed content generates a blank 'Configure' tab for the Jira integration in Hipchat Server.

User receives a "You reached the maximum number of sessions in Hipchat. Try disconnecting some of your clients" when trying to start a chat session.

Hipchat Server hosted in AWS is not reachable via IP address or FQDN after root volume migration to China region

Hipchat Server upgrade fails with cannot execute binary file

Hipchat Server Export Fails with a Socket Timeout Error

ResourceError("Redis get failed. args=['group:1'], host='localhost'",) Causing the Hipchat Server Web Interface to be Inaccessible

Crowd service is not restarted using "hipchat service --restart" or "hipchat upgrade --restart"

PagerDuty integration is not working in Hipchat Server

Unable to receive push notifications and emails on Hipchat Server

Hipchat Server upgrades fail due to missing lvm2 package

Hipchat Server database passwords do not match

Hipchat Server UTC time is incorrect

Users are receiving multiple confirmation emails from Hipchat Server

Where can I download old releases of the Hipchat Server OVA/AMI?

All rooms topics keep loading in Mac client

Directory page in Hipchat Server is inaccessible with error code 503

Some functionalities are broken after updating Hipchat Server hostname

Hipchat Server networking malfunctions after migrating the Virtual Machine to a new VMWare 6 cluster

User received "Hipchat Server not found. Please ensure that the address is correct." when trying to connect Mac 4.0 client with Hipchat Server 1.4.1 on self-signed certificate

Uploaded files can't open and emoticons aren't loaded on Hipchat Server behind proxy

Cannot configure a static IP address on Hipchat Server 1.4.1

Hipchat Server CPU Spike caused by _ohai_btf.py processes after 1.4.1 upgrade

Admin received alerts email indicating Gearman not running

Hipchat Server upgrade fails with the error ImportError No module named datetime

How to access to the files inside of an Elastic Block Store volume

How to perform offline upgrades in Hipchat Server

What data is sent to the Internet for push notifications?

Hipchat Server OVA import to VirtualBox fails with Phenom II X4 processor

Functionality lost as Hipchat Server/Data Center license expires

How to identify and change the Owner user in Hipchat Server

The certificate is not valid (host name mismatch) error when trying to connect desktop client with Hipchat Server

Integrations no longer send notifications to rooms after server upgrade

Mobile clients randomly disconnect when connected to Hipchat Server

Error: Can't reach the Hipchat services when triggering Hipchat Server export

How To Import A Hipchat Server License Via The Command Line

Unable to find or to install Envoy integration with Hipchat Server

How to patch Hipchat Server for CVE-2015-7547

LDAP User Unable to Login to Hipchat Server due to Membership in Restricted Group

Uploading files in Hipchat Server fails with error "Could not find bucket"

Hipchat Server fails to upgrade due to mariadb unmet dependencies error

Troubleshooting emails fail to be sent out from Hipchat Server

How to send an email from the Hipchat Server terminal

Windows / Linux Configuration File

LDAP synchronisation fails with javax.naming.CommunicationException: Request: 2 cancelled

Hipchat Server is inaccessible after an upgrade to 1.3.7 or later due to services unable to connect to database

"Unable to create account. Looks like something broke - we'll investigate right away" when trying to register account via Invite URL

How to Generate API Keys for Content Previews and Configure it in Hipchat Server

How to switch external user directories in Hipchat Server

Is there a stand-alone installer package available for Hipchat Server?

Elasticsearch Fails to Start due to Incompatible Java Version

'Something's gone terribly wrong. We've informed headquarters' when launching the Web Client

Hipchat crashes when trying to synchronise an AD Server with problem 2006 (BAD_NAME)

Can't integrate Jira and Hipchat due to "java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH key pair"

Authentication Failed Due to Broken Crowd Cache File

Hipchat Server displays Fatal error: Call to a member function when accessing the Web Interface

Troubleshooting Hipchat Server Export and Import

Troubleshooting Hipchat Server Upgrades

Connection Status Of Hipchat Integration With Atlassian products are Shown As 'Not Connected' (Features are Working)

Error On Link Click In Windows 10 "Windows cannot find 'h'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

Hipchat Server displays 'We've been notified and will fix this issue' when connecting through a web browser

Hipchat Server Integration Fails Due to Error "The value must be an absolute URL"

Hipchat Server is not listening on ports 5222 and 5223

How to Configure rsyslog In Hipchat Server

Error: VT-x is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX) in Virtualbox

Alerts Email Failed To Be Updated

Hipchat Unable to Load Chat History using Hipchat Server

Hipchat Server throws Fatal Error during Setup

Admin received alerts email "failed to start (exit status 0) – /etc/init.d/user-sync: Starting user-sync... ok"

Can I Update VMWare Tools in Hipchat Server separately?

How To Enable Debug Logging for Authentication in Hipchat Server

Unable to find the groupname of the principal error when connecting to an OpenLDAP/FedoraDS directory

Hipchat Server synchronizes all users from Crowd directory

User Object Filter Size Limit Reached

What is conf.btf.hipchat.com?

How To Set DHCP During OVA Import If Server Can't Boot Up

Hipchat Server SSL Installation and Troubleshooting Guide

Directory Users Unable to Update Job Title

Is Hipchat Server affected by Leap Second?

Unable to decrypt file while importing into Hipchat Server

There was a problem uploading the avatar. Please try again later.

How to transfer files from Hipchat Server on a Windows workstation

Hipchat Server is stuck on the configuration wizard

Chat services are down due to broken ./virtualenv/*

How To Install LDAP SSL Certificate into Hipchat Server Keystore

Can I add package sources to update Hipchat Server or update Hipchat Server components separately?

Hipchat Server disk space is full

Connection failed: "XMPPERROR establishing connection with Server" when connecting with mobile clients.

Troubleshooting Failed Integration Installations

Cannot integrate Hipchat Server with Confluence or Jira with SSLHandshakeException

Cannot Generate License due to Absence of Server ID

User directory sync fails with LDAP Error Code 49

LDAP response read timed out

Admin receives "Unable to add user at this time" when trying to add new user because Hipchat Server License is invalid

Troubleshooting tip #1: apply configurations and restart services

Hipchat apps do not have image previews

Locked out of the Hipchat Server Web UI


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