Hipchat Data Center supported platforms

This page describes the software environments that you can use to run and use Hipchat Data Center. 


(tick) Supported - you can use Hipchat Data Center with this platform.

(info) Limited - you can use these platforms, however they may only work in limited use cases, and additional work may be required to make them function. 

(warning) Deprecated - support for this platform has ended, or will end in an upcoming release.

On this page:

Supported Client Platforms

Desktop clients

(tick) macOS X version 10.9 or later

(tick)  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

(info) Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint, Debian)

(warning)  Third-party XMPP and Jabber clients

Desktop client limitations:

  • The Windows clients may require extra steps to install. See the Windows Clients Hipchat Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Support for the Linux-based clients is limited. See the Linux Clients Hipchat Knowledge Base for more information.
  • Deployment of desktop clients in a remote-managed terminal environment is not supported.
  • Third-party chat clients, such as Adium and Miranda, are not supported.

Browser-based web client

(tick)  Google Chrome - latest is recommended for security purposes

(tick)  Microsoft EDGE - latest is recommended for security purposes

(tick)  Mozilla Firefox - Extended Support Release (ESR) 52 or later

(tick)  Safari - version 9 or later

(warning) Microsoft Internet Explorer - version 11 or later

Browser-based client limitations:

Mobile clients

(tick)  iOS 10.3.x or later

(tick)  Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later 

Mobile client limitations:

  • Hipchat Video is not available for mobile clients.

Supported Infrastructure

To learn more about the components of a Hipchat Data Center deployment and their uses, see Hipchat Data Center architecture.

Hipchat Nodes

(tick) AWS - region restrictions apply (see notes at right)

(tick) vSphere 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5

(info) VirtualBox 

Hipchat nodes limitations:

  • AWS deployments require access to Amazon EFS, which has limited (but increasing) availability across AWS regions.
  • If you are deploying to AWS using our CloudFormation template, you can deploy to the following regions:

    • eu-west-1 (Ireland)
    • eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)
    • us-east-1 (N. Virginia)
    • us-west-2 (Oregon)
    • ap-southeast-2 (Sydney)

  • You can use VirtualBox for test and evaluation deployments only. VirtualBox does not meet the performance requirements for a production deployment.


(tick) Postgres 9.5 only


(tick) Redis version 3.2 only

File storage

(tick) NFS version 4 only


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