Hipchat Data Center client apps

Use Hipchat everywhere. We've got Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop apps, and iOS and Android mobile apps.  

Don't want to download an app? You can also log in to your organization's Hipchat website and use the chat app in your browser.

 Third-party XMPP chat apps are not supported.

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Get the Hipchat apps

For deployments that don't have access to the public internet (or anyone who doesn't want to go hunting for them), we host the client apps - with the exception of the iOS app - on the Hipchat Data Center nodes so you can download them locally. Even better, if you download the apps directly from your Hipchat deployment, they're guaranteed to work with your Hipchat Dat Center version.

  1. In your web browser, go to your Hipchat deployment's Downloads page.
    This page is at your Hipchat's fully qualified domain name followed by /downloads, for example  hipchat.example.com/downloads.
  2. Choose the tab for your operating system or platform.
    • For macOS, Windows, or Android, click Download, then open the resulting file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
    • For iOS, including both iPhone and iPad, click the link to the iTunes App store and download from there.
    • For Linux, scroll down to see the installation command that you can copy and paste into your bash shell.

Not sure where to go next? Learn how to Connect, update, or uninstall Hipchat client apps.

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