Hipchat Data Center のデプロイ

Hipchat Data Center is a self-hosted, enterprise version of Hipchat that you can run on your own network. This guide is for IT administrators who are deploying Hipchat Data Center for the first time, or for those who are migrating from Hipchat Server to Hipchat Data Center

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Migrating from Hipchat Server to Hipchat Data Center?

 We've got you covered! There are some extra instructions especially for you here.

1. Choose your deployment type

Before you start, familiarize yourself with the Hipchat Data Center architecture, and choose which deployment option best suits your organization's needs.

2. Set up a cluster

Use one of the following guides to set up and configure your cluster:

Don't forget to get your license or an evaluation license!

3. Configure Hipchat Data Center

Once your Hipchat cluster is up and running, you'll configure the Hipchat service, then configure any optional features.

4. Verify and get chatting!

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