Contact Hipchat Data Center Support

Before you contact support, check out the Hipchat Knowledge Base, and the questions about Hipchat Server and Data Center on Atlassian Community to see if your question has already been answered.

If you need to raise a support request, make sure you download and attach your logs if possible. This helps us speed up the troubleshooting process and help you faster.

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Where do I find my logs?

Log files are available in the /var/log/ directory of each node.  The Hipchat service logs can be found inside /var/log/hipchat/.

Once per day, the log files from each node are copied to the /file_store/shared/logs subdirectory of your network-attached storage volume. They follow a /YYYYMMDD/machineid/log-files naming convention.

Configuration management is managed by chef-solo. It is run at boot, upgrade, and during service restarts. You can find the chef-solo log file in at /var/log/chef.log

To retrieve all your logs, run  hipchat log -r  on each node. This copies the logs to the  /file_store/shared/logs folder, which you can then compress and include with your support request. 

Need your Support Entitlement Number (SEN)? SSH into one of your Hipchat Data Center nodes and run hipchat license --show

Got comments? Feature requests? Add a suggestion. Your fellow Hipchat Data Center users can review and vote on them.

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