Command line configuration in Hipchat Data Center


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


This page provides information on the command line utilities you can use if you have command line interface (CLI) access to Hipchat Data Center using and describes other Hipchat Data Center configuration options. 

Hipchat command line utility

You can run some maintenance actions, such as upgrade, export your data, control networking, and more in Hipchat Data Center's command line interface (CLI). 

To see the list of available commands type hipchat at the admin@hipchat prompt:

admin@hipchat:~$ hipchat

(info) The Hipchat CLI also includes a namespace called hipchat labs which we'll use to distribute beta versions of command-line-only tools for you to use.

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For help using any of the commands, type the command like hipchat upgrade at the prompt:

admin@hipchat:~$ hipchat upgrade

The Hipchat Data Center CLI returns explanations of all the arguments available for the command.

Gain root access on Hipchat Data Center nodes

For some administrative tasks you may need additional permissions ("root access") on the Hipchat node.  

  1. Connect using your SSH client using the  admin account on the node.
  2. From the command line, run sudo /bin/dont-blame-hipchat 


Changes you make while running as root can cause data loss, and may be lost or overwritten on upgrade.


Changes you make as root may be overwritten on upgrade and may cause data loss.

Use NTP for network time synchronization

Hipchat Data Center uses network time protocol (NTP) with the following default servers:



To change the servers, type the following command:

hipchat service --ntp-servers,

where, are the servers you want to use  

The Hipchat Labs CLI

The Hipchat Data Center CLI includes special beta features under the labs namespace. Hipchat Labs are features that are still in development, but that we expect will be useful for you even before they're finished. We welcome your feedback! 

Good to know: This page contains information for the current set of Labs features. As Labs features are added and graduate out of beta status, the documentation here will change. However, you can always run hipchat labs --help for a list of the Labs features available in your version of Hipchat.


Labs features might change before they're generally available: APIs and commands may change, and functionality might change as we continue to build.

フォワード プロキシ

You can now connect Hipchat to a forward proxy (sometimes called an outbound proxy) to enable features that require access to an internet location outside your firewall. 

Hipchat Labs includes a Forward proxy only at this time.


hipchat labs proxy --set [proxyurl]


  • The server's forward proxy configuration is stored in site.json  and in  features.json
  • This Labs proxy supports transparent proxies using HTTP CONNECT only. Authenticated proxies are not supported.
  • Your proxy must be resolvable and reachable by Hipchat through a single endpoint on the network. If you are using multiple proxy hosts, this endpoint can be load balancer that routes to the proxies. Both IPv4 addresses and DNS names will work.
  • You must restart the server to apply the configuration change and enable the proxy.
  • The proxy is only used for outbound traffic, for example to download new installer binaries during a hipchat upgrade, or for integrations that call out to a service outside your network. Crowd servers are assumed to be inside your network and are excluded.

API Keys

You can set the API keys Hipchat uses to fetch better thumbnails, previews, and snippets when someone links to a service such as Github, YouTube, and Imgur. Learn more about API keys.


hipchat labs apikeys --[SERVICE SERVICE_KEY]


  • Run hipchat labs apikeys --help for a list of the available services, and key types or formats for each service.
  • A previous workaround for this feature allowed you to set these API keys, but they were reset each time you upgraded. Using this Labs feature, API keys are stored in etc/chef/solo.json so they're not overwritten on upgrade.
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