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Is Hipchat Server still supported? 

Atlassian is no longer offering team communications products to our customers. We have discontinued Hipchat Cloud, Hipchat Data Center, Hipchat Server, and Stride. You can learn about our new partnership with Slack at https://www.atlassian.com/partnerships/slack

If you have an existing Hipchat Server or Hipchat Data Center license that is active, you can continue to use Hipchat until the end of the license period. 

HipChat end-of-life dates (which are separate from license expiration) can be found below:

  • Hipchat Data Center (v3.0): June 22nd, 2019
  • Hipchat Data Center (v3.1): September 26th, 2019
  • Hipchat Server (v2.1): December 8th, 2018
  • Hipchat Server(v2.2): May 30th, 2019 
  • Hipchat Server (v2.4): June 30th, 2020
As of July 2018, all HipChat Server and HipChat Data Center licenses will only be renewed up until the July 26th, 2019 expiration date. No licenses will be issued beyond this date.

Is there a standalone installer package available for Hipchat Server instead of the OVA or AMI images?

We only offer the OVA and AMI images for deployment of Hipchat Server. 

Why is installing Hipchat Server different from other Atlassian products such as Jira or Confluence?

We've chosen the virtualized environment for a few reasons. Hipchat Server is a persistent chat system that operates in real time and this requires that resources be dedicated, rather than shared, to operate effectively. These real-time resources are important because of the many services that Hipchat Server runs in parallel. As Hipchat Server scales to connect several thousand users at once, effective allotment of these resources become mission critical.

In addition, Hipchat Server is composed of several moving parts and data stores and the virtualized environment allows the engineering team to tightly couple these parts together and ensure the system works well with the backend OS (Ubuntu). This greatly improves quality control and speeds up development to get the latest features/fixes vetted internally and out the door to you.

Lastly, most virtualized environments allow the creation of snapshots, which are the saved state of the running system at a given time. These states can be captured and rolled back to at any time. Most VM software allows scheduling of these snapshots on a regular basis, which is a bonus for those who are looking for multiple backup options.

Will a standalone installer deployment option happen?

We are always looking at ways to scale and have not ruled out the option for a standalone installer.

How do Hipchat migrations work?

Admins can export Hipchat data from one Hipchat Server deployment and import it into another Hipchat Server deployment. Read more in our documentation.

There are also options for migrating your Hipchat content to Slack. See https://www.atlassian.com/partnerships/slack/migration

Where is Hipchat Server data stored?

All data (files, configuration, users, chat data) are stored on the Hipchat Server virtual machine (VM).

Where is Hipchat Server data sent?

Hipchat Server sends data between itself and the Hipchat clients. Hipchat clients also send videos streams to our cloud-based video servers, however no video data is stored by those servers. For more information about video, see our documentation.

Can I access the virtual machine?

Yes, you can SSH into the Hipchat virtual machine as the Hipchat admin. However, admins are strongly discouraged from making modifications to the Hipchat VM, as it may jeopardize stability, upgrades and support. For instructions, read our documentation.

Does Hipchat Server need outgoing internet access?

Hipchat Server uses outgoing internet access for these things:

  • Fetching integration listings from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • Fetching upgrade information from Atlassian.
  • Routing video traffic through our Cloud video server.
  • Sending push notifications to mobile devices.

Hipchat Server can function without these capabilities, so if you intend to run Hipchat Server completely isolated from the internet it is possible to do so, with those caveats.

Read more in our documentation.

Does Hipchat Server need incoming internet access?

Hipchat uses the internet to communicate with Hipchat clients, so those clients need to be able to access Hipchat Server over the internet wherever you wish them to be able to chat. However, if you assume that all Hipchat clients are on a local network, then Hipchat Server does not need incoming internet access.

However, many integrations do expect direct access to Hipchat Server. Check the details of any integration you wish to install.

What external directories does Hipchat Server support?

Hipchat Server can use external directories including: Active Directory, LDAP, Crowd and Jira. Check our documentation for a full list.

Which integrations work with Hipchat Server?

Your Hipchat Server will list Hipchat Server-compatible integrations on its local integrations page at http://hipchat.mycompany.com/integrations/. Of course, any custom integrations you write will work with Hipchat Server.

What kind of integrations can I write for Hipchat Server?

Hipchat Server includes the full API that Hipchat Cloud does, and you can make use of it in the same way. You can find API documentation here.

You can also create integrations for Hipchat Server that will appear as installable integrations in your Hipchat Server. Find out more from the documentation and also see the guidelines for Hipchat Server integrations.

Can I change Hipchat's look and feel?

No, neither Hipchat nor Hipchat Server are theme-able.

Is Hipchat translated into other languages?

No, Hipchat Server is only available in English at this time.

Do I get access to the Hipchat source code?

No, Hipchat Server does not include a source code license.

What happens when my subscription expires?

If you allow your subscription to lapse, you will no longer be able to create new chatrooms or add new users. However, to ensure your existing team is not disrupted, current users will continue to be able to log in and chat. See [Functionality lost as Hipchat Server/Data Center license expires|https://confluence.atlassian.com/hipchatkb/functionality-lost-as-hipchat-server-license-expires-816521218.html] for more information.

What Hipchat clients are compatible with Hipchat Server?

Hipchat Server ships with specific versions of our Mac, Windows, Linux and Android clients. You must still download the Hipchat iOS client from the Apple App Store. You may use later versions of the Hipchat clients than those shipped with Hipchat Server, but compatibility is not guaranteed. If you experience issues, we may ask you to use the client version included in your instance of Hipchat Server.

What chat data can I access in Hipchat Server?

We built Hipchat Server to meet the needs of customers who have specific compliance and security requirements. So Hipchat Server has one additional data access capability. Admins in Hipchat Server can include 1:1 chat history with the data export if they choose. This will make it possible for many companies to meet their legal requirements.

How large an organization can Hipchat server support?

Hipchat Server is already supporting customers as large as five thousand users. 

How do I upgrade Hipchat Server?

Hipchat Server is capable of upgrading itself with the push of a button. See our documentation for more information.

How do I downgrade Hipchat Server?

Hipchat server cannot downgrade itself. However, it is possible to export data from a newer version of Hipchat Server for import into an older version so long as the version of the export format has not changed.

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