Hipchat Server documentation

Team and 1-to-1 chat with audio, video, and screen sharing, hosted on your own server.


Onward and upward!

Hipchat Server is being discontinued, and will no longer be supported starting in Spring of 2019. If you're just starting out with an evaluation deployment, check out Hipchat Data Center, the latest and greatest in the Hipchat family.

If you already have a Hipchat Server deployment, don't panic! You can still upgrade existing deployments until you're ready to migrate. Your Hipchat Server license automatically works on Hipchat Data Center, so we encourage you to start planning your migration as soon as possible.

Prefer the hands-off administration of Hipchat Server? Consider your Hipchat Cloud options so you can let someone else wrangle the servers.



It's more than group chat. Discover how to get the most from Hipchat.



Get the low down on the the latest Hipchat Server release.

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