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This page is where we announce end of support for platforms or features that will be discontinued in Hipchat Server. 

The table below summarizes the end of support announcements for upcoming Hipchat Server releases. If a platform (or version) has already reached its end of support date, it is not listed in the table.

Platform or featureサポート終了
AddLive videoWith the release of Hipchat Server 2.1.3


AddLive video replacement

At Hipchat we want you to have the best possible experience, which is why we're replacing our current video solution, AddLive, with a brand new solution, Hipchat Video. To find out more about Hipchat Video head to Video Chat and Screen Sharing.

When is this change happening?

To make the transition easier, this change will happen over two releases of Hipchat Server:

Hipchat Server 2.0.7
  • This is the last version that supports AddLive Video.
  • You can continue to use AddLive (until ) or switch to the new Hipchat Video now. 
  • Users will need to update their clients to 4.26 or later to use Hipchat Video.
Hipchat Server 2.1.3
  • AddLive video will be removed. 
  • If you had AddLive video enabled, you will be switched to Hipchat Video automatically.
  • All video chats will use Hipchat Video. 
  • Users will need to update their clients to 4.26 or later.

The AddLive service for Hipchat will reach end of life on 17 January 2017. If you have not upgraded to Hipchat Server 2.1.3 or later by this date, you will be unable to make video calls. 


If you were previously using AddLive Video, you'll be switched to Hipchat Video automatically when you upgrade to Hipchat 2.1.3. The following ports need to be open for Hipchat Video:

  • TCP port 443 open for connections from Hipchat clients and Hipchat Server.
  • UDP port 10000 open for Hipchat clients.

Hipchat Server also needs to register with the video service hosted in video.hipchatserver.com to establish a trust - based on a combination of a public/private key and your Hipchat Server license. Connectivity to video.hipchatserver.com from the server instance is only needed while turning Hipchat Video on or off. Once Hipchat Video is set up, we do not communicate with video.hipchatserver.com.

How will this impact my users? 

Users will need to upgrade to version 4.26 or later of the Hipchat desktop client (for Mac, Linux or Windows) to use Hipchat Video. To successfully start a video chat, both participants will need to be using version 4.26 or later. Video calls won't be available in mobile clients.  

 What if I can't upgrade right now? 

If you are using a Hipchat Server version that does not have Hipchat Video (2.0.5 and earlier) you will not be able to make video calls once the AddLive service reaches end of life on 17 January 2017. 

If you are using Hipchat Server 2.0.6 or 2.0.7 you can manually switch to the Hipchat Video beta to continue making video calls. However we strongly recommend upgrading to Hipchat Server 2.1.3 or later as soon as you can for the best experience. 

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