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Sometimes, while trying to add an Application Link between JIRA and Fisheye / Crucible, although they are installed on the same server and there's no proxy / firewall setup, instances cannot contact each other, and the Application Link will not be created.

Also tried to configure a Base URL for both JIRA and Fisheye, using http://localhost:8080http://, and http://<Server_IP>:8080 for JIRA, and http://localhost:8060, and http://<Server_IP>:8060 for Fisheye.

This message is displayed in Fisheye, while trying to add the Application Link from Fisheye to JIRA:

The Remote application is not able to connect to '<fisheye_server_name>'(FishEye / Crucible) by using the URL 'http://<fisheye_server_name>:8060'

This message is displayed in JIRA, while trying to add the Application Link from JIRA to Fisheye:

The host is unknown. Verify that the URL is correct.

The anti-virus firewall is blocking the applications.

Add exceptions to your anti-virus firewall in order to allow applications to contact each other.

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