Repository start fails with FileLockException - Cannot lock file in exclusive mode - already open internally


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Starting a repository from the UI fails with the following error on screen: 

Error calling server:com.atlassian.fecru.gwt.admin.shared.OperationFailureException: Failed to start repository TP_CC Unknown.kGb(Unknown source:0) Unknown.qGb(Unknown source:0) Unknown.LPc(Unknown source:0) Unknown.os(Unknown source:0) Unknown.uNc(Unknown source:0) Unknown.oOc(Unknown source:0) Unknown.$bc(Unknown source:0)

And in the logs:

2010-12-14 17:53:40,857 ERROR [btpool0-44] RepositoryAdminRpcServiceImpl-generateMsgAndLogRepoActionFailure - Failed to start repository <Repository_Name> com.cenqua.fisheye.rep.DbException: com.cenqua.obfuscate.idblaxgxv.locking.FileLockException: Cannot lock file in exclusive mode - already open internally
at com.atlassian.fisheye.spi.admin.impl.DefaultRepositoryAdminService.start(


This is very likely to be caused by  FE-5370 - Getting issue details... STATUS . You need to check the logs for a previous exception during startup.

The repository cache has been locked.


First look for a previous error during startup of the repository, usually a NullPointerException in com.atlassian.fisheye.svn.Svn2RepositoryEngine.getEarliestInState(

If this is occurring on each restart, it is the cause of the problem.

If you find this error, you will probably need to re-index.

If there isn't a previous error, proceed below:

We need to ensure that only one process is accessing the file:

  1. Stop Fisheye
  2. Check that no other process is accessing the file using lsof FISHEYE_INST/var/cache/<repository_name>/revcache/data.bin (on Linux) or Process Explorer on Windows.
  3. If there is any other process accessing the file, stop it and check again.

If there are no other processes accessing the file, please restart the server Fisheye is running on.

If your FISHEYE_INST directory is on a networked file system, please try moving it to a local disk, as not all network file systems support file locking correctly.

If you still experience the problem, restart Fisheye with --debug switch, create a Support Zip, and send the resulting log files to Atlassian Support for further investigation.

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