Reduce SVN index time by initially scanning a local copy


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One technique to improve Fisheye scanning performance is to initially index a local clone of the repository and then after the initial index has completed, change the SVN URL to the original remote location. This article steps through the Fisheye side of this process.


Copy your SVN repo to the Fisheye server's local filesystem

Create a complete copy of the SVN repository on the Fisheye server.  Not a checkout, or an export, but a complete copy of the repo.

Add the repository to Fisheye

As described by Adding a Subversion repository, add the repository, using the file:// URL to point directly to the repository:

Wait for indexing to complete

Stop the repository

Click the stop button and wait for the Repository state to say STOPPED.

Change the URL to point to your Subversion server

In the SCM Details tab change the SVN URL to use your remote server, use Test Connection, and then hit Save

The Start the repository again.

Any subsequent changes and all future ones will be read from there

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