How to remove Application Links manually from Fisheye/Crucible database


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Sometimes Fisheye/Crucible administrators face issues when trying to add, edit, or even delete an Application Link and a cleanup must be performed at database level.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to perform this clean-up.


For the sake of this article, let's suppose that Fisheye / Crucible is AppLinked to a JIRA instance named MyJiraInstance.

  1. Shutdown Fisheye / Crucible.
  2. Create a backup from Fisheye / Crucible, just to be on the safe side.
  3. Run the following SQL statements:
    1. If the Fisheye /Crucible version is >= 4.5.1:
      1. Run the following SELECT statement in order to find out what is the ID of the Application Link related to that Jira instance named MyJiraInstance:

        SELECT cru_property_name FROM cru_repository_property WHERE cru_property_name LIKE '' AND cru_value = 'MyJiraInstance';

        The query result will be like this:
        In this example, the Application Link ID is 09cc6a68-5bf1-3fca-9a1e-48326d383689

      2. Run the following DELETE statement:

        DELETE FROM cru_repository_property WHERE cru_property_name LIKE '%09cc6a68-5bf1-3fca-9a1e-48326d383689%' OR cru_value LIKE '%09cc6a68-5bf1-3fca-9a1e-48326d383689%';
        DELETE FROM cru_oauthcons WHERE cru_oauthcons_name = 'MyJiraInstance';
    2. If the Fisheye / Crucible version is <= 4.5.0

      1. Run the following DELETE statement:

        DELETE from cru_repository_property WHERE cru_property_name LIKE '%applink%' OR cru_property_name LIKE '%oauth%';
  4. Commit changes and disconnect from the database.
  5. Start Fisheye / Crucible.
    (info) At this point you might want / have to delete the Application Link to Fisheye / Crucible from that Jira instance. For doing that, please follow Remove an application link from Jira server using SQL
  6. Create a new Application Link between Fisheye/Crucible and JIRA by following Fisheye's Linking to another application document.

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