How Do I Set The Fisheye/Crucible Context Path Manually In "config.xml"


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Perform the steps below to manually update the context path for the Fisheye/Crucible instance from the config.xml file:-

  • Shutdown Fisheye instance
  • Navigate to FishEye/INST folder path
  • Backup the config.xml file and edit the file with any text editor
  • Modify the context parameter under the Web Server tag to include the context path for your instance and also the site-url accordingly as shown in the example below.
<web-server context="fisheye" site-url="http://localhost:8060/fisheye">
        <http bind=":8060"/>
  • Save and close the config.xml file
  • Start your instance and access it using the URL that had been set including the context path


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