How Do I Set The Default Charset Value For The Pre-Commit


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The following KB discusses on how to set the default charset for the charset option when adding a pre-commit in the Crucible review. You can configure the default charset for an user by performing the following:-


  1. Shutdown Fisheye instance
  2. Backup the database of the Fisheye instance
  3. Run the following SQL Query to determine the ID of the user from the database:-

    select cru_user_id from cru_user where cru_user_name='<username>';
  4. Based on the user id, run the following SQL Query in your database:-

    UPDATE cru_user_profile SET cru_upload_charset = 'EUC-KR' WHERE cru_user_profile.cru_user_id =<user_id>;
  5. Start Fisheye instance

Note: Remember to replace the <username> and <user_id> with the actual value. 

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