How do I prevent “No supported authentication methods available” error when using TortoiseHg?


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When trying to clone a ssh Mercurial repository using TortoiseHg on windows, a pop-up appears when Fisheye tries to clone the repository, saying "No supported authentication methods available”


Mercurial is failing to clone a repository because there is no authentication set up with the server.


Based on the instructions in How do I prevent a “No supported authentication methods available” error when using TortoiseHg?.

  1. Download Putty and extract the binaries.
  2. Run the extracted puttygen.exe and generate a public/private key pair.
  3. save the private and public keys to a file - keep the private key secure, but don't add a passphrase - Note there are security implications with this - possession of this file will allow access to your server
  4. then run pageant.exe and right-click on the pageant icon in the notification area and add the private key you just saved. You will have to make sure this is always running.
  5. add the public key to the server in your account. For bitbucket, this is here, Other on-line providers should have similar capabilities. For self-hosted servers, tak to your administrator.

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