Error Connecting to a Git Repository on Windows - null is not recognized as an internal or external command


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When attempting to connect Fisheye to a Git repository on Windows, an error is thrown:

Unable to clone remote repository: ssh:// - ['"null"' is not recognized as an internal or external command,, operable program or batch file., fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly] - Cloning into bare repository clone...


  • The msysgit installation has not been installed with the proper binaries that Fisheye needs to connect to the Git server, and must be defined on the user PATH.
  • This may also be caused by Fisheye not being able to find the 'ssh' command on the path.


  • Please reinstall mysysgit with the Git binaries (in particular, the git command).  Also please ensure that the git binary is on the PATH for the user that is running Fisheye. See these Fisheye specific notes. For more information, please see the msysgit documentation.
  • Please install ssh, and make sure that it is on your PATH (i.e. typing ssh at a command prompt finds the program). Then restart Fisheye.
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