Configuring a Different Charset in Fisheye/Crucible


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When browsing source files in Fisheye/Crucible you may find that some characters, usually those written in languages other than English, come through as squares, or unknown characters.


The default character encoding in Fisheye/Crucible is UTF-8, so if your file is using a different type of encoding than UTF-8 then some characters may not render.


Fisheye currently supports changing the file encoding for Perforce, SVN, and CVS.

An improvement request for adding this support for Git and Mercurial can be found at:

FE-3623 - 課題詳細を取得中... ステータス

FE-7075 - 課題詳細を取得中... ステータス

The charset for the repository will need to be changed.

For SVN repositories:

  1. Go to Administration > Repository Settings > Repositories
  2. Click on the repository name.
  3. Go to SCM Details
  4. In "Charset" select the character set for your repository and "Save"

This will restart the repository, a re-index will need to be performed manually.

To determine the character encoding of the files the Linux command file <filename> can be used.

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