All users are unable to log in with Crucible reporting incorrect username and password despite using the correct credentials


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The users cannot log in to Crucible. The error "Incorrect username/password" is shown, however, the credentials are correct.

The issue is happening both to users from an external directory and Crucible Internal Directory.



  1. Login with Admin access to Crucible
  2. Navigate to User Settings → Users and confirm that any impacted user is a member ofCRUCIBLE-USERS group.
  3. Navigate to Security Settings → Authentication and check if AJP13 or Custom authentication enabled.


  • If the user is not a member of CRUCIBLE-USERS then the user doesn't have any access permissions, not able to log in, and doesn't consume the license
  • If the AJP13 authentication is enabled it expects the authentication token coming from AJP enabled proxy
  • If custom authentication is enabled Fisheye expects a special java class supporting the authentication


Only standard password-based authentication and Crowd SSO 1.0 are the only valid and supported by Atlassian authentication approaches. You need to disable any other:

  1.  Navigate to Security Settings → Authentication,
  2. Click Remove next to AJP13 or Custom
  3. Confirm the choice by clicking Remove in the dialog
  4. Don't forget to reset Captcha if enabled

After disabling custom authentication you should be able to log in again.

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