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You can search or browse your repositories in Fisheye to view a specific file. Once you find the file, you can view the diffs between different revisions of the file, and see any annotations.

You can also download the source code for the file.

View the source code for a file

  1. Search, or browse through a repository, to find the file.
  2. Click the file name to see the revision history for the file.
  3. On the Source tab:

    Displaying a diff Click the arrow buttons to see the previous or next revisions of the file. Pick revision numbers (e.g. 'b3ebfaf') from the two lists to display the diff for those two revisions.
    チェンジセット View the changeset that the revision was a part of.
    Raw Download the raw source code for the file.
    レビュー Select Create Review to create a Crucible review from the file, or go to a review that relates to the file. (Requires Crucible)
    Blame Press to display authors and revision numbers next to each line of code in the file



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